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i) Broadband Internet Services
ii) Wi-Fi Services
iii) Intranet Services
iv) Hosting Services

For Company:

i) Company Registration COPY
iii) Signed Mutual Agreement

For Individuals:

i) Passport Size Photo
ii) Photocopy of Citizenship
iii) Signed Mutual Agreement

Browse our  customer support page https://members.unicom.net.np/ and login to check all details.

Yes the customer will get disconnected automatically by our system. And re-activation charges may occur.

There could be various reasons for slower browsing. It could be either at Client’s side or ISP. However, in our experience, following simple things cause the slow browsing.

i) Unsecured WiFi set up
ii) Wi Fi Password hacked by others
iii) Sharing the connection to multiple users
iv) Less throughput of WiFi routers or WiFi routers positioned in wrong spot
v) Bandwidth- hogging plugins and app

Note : If everything is okay at your side then please contact our support department. Tel : 023-582120

We have 24 hours phone/chat support. The numbers are  at 023-582120. In case of field support , it depends upon the nature of problem. However we try our best to get it solved within 72 hours.

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Unified Communication Pvt. Ltd provides all over the eastern region to offer you the best services in your area. Our experts can help you find the best home/cooperate services near you. Give us a call to check for exclusive discounts on internet plans available at your address.

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